Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me (5 stars)

Joe Hill - Horns

(Drag City)

Revising and entwining the rites of folk, pop, blues, baroque, classical romanticism and nursery rhymes, California’s Joanna Newsom possesses an uncanny knack for arousing and confounding our cultural memory: for unfurling strangely familiar chorales, whilst at once stopping us in our tracks.

Have One On Me is extraordinary; a haunting and comforting triple-album that soars from country ballads and jazz laments to tarantellas and fanfare psalms. Newsom is unrivalled in modern pop: her chimerical narratives; her larynx like canary diamonds; her cardinal harp at the heart of it all.

Did I mention it’s also over two hours long? It is not long enough.

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