Don Delillo - Point Omega (3 stars)

Don Delillo - Point Omega


In a rare interview given to the British press, Don DeLillo claimed that his recent shorter fiction has nothing to do with him, that the books take him by the hand and suggest their length. Harsher critics point to the fact that in quantity alone, those four novellas in total still fall short of his 832-page epic Underworld, suggesting a dying of his muse. Point Omega certainly has its fair share of clunky passages, but the haunting DeLillo style is ever present and leaves its own idiosyncratic aftertaste when the final page is turned.

Beginning and ending with anonymous watchers viewing Douglas Gordon’s 24-Hour Psycho, DeLillo’s meditation on time, space and fractured souls moves into the desert home of Richard Elster, a military intelligence man being courted by a young documentary-maker keen to film an eclectic portrait of this shadowy figure. It’s not a bad place for DeLillo virgins to start but long-term fans will wind up less than sated.

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