Yeasayer (4 stars)


The New York oddballs were greeted with some exceptional Weegie banter at Oran Mor. ‘Ira, Ira, where’s your ‘tache?’ the crowd chanted at bassist Ira Wolf Tuton, referring to the long black hair and Gaucho moustache he recently ditched in favour of a streamlined under-shave and clean upper lip. The whole set was a little less ‘world’ and a little more sharp-edged with the squelchy synths and clicking drum machines of new album Odd Blood dominating the setlist. A generous portion of brand new material fitted snugly into the electronic vein, making overall a very stylish set from the band who have somehow managed to make runes, jumpsuits (guitarist Anand Wilder was sporting one tonight) and sounding like Genesis seem cool.

Wilder was the star of the show, hopping from side-to-side as he sung beautifully on funky ballads ‘Madder Red’ and ‘O.N.E’. The only disappointments were that first album favourite ‘2080’ was omitted from their forward-thinking set and that the psychedelic edge of other early tracks was sometimes sheared off by synths. Not that the Weegies cared, as ably demonstrated by one sprightly chap (‘My son from the future’, singer Chris Keating claimed) who jumped on stage to groove along to ‘Ambling Amp’. Surreally brilliant.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Wed 17 Feb


Over-14s show. Brooklyn-based psychedelic/gospel/alternative/indie/soul combo have moved their gig up to Oran Mor.

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