Alicia Keys' love blessing

Alicia Keys - who is rumoured to be engaged to DJ Swizz Beatz - feels she has been ''blessed'' with love as she's had good relationships

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys' love blessing

Alicia Keys feels she has been "blessed" with love.

The 'Empire State of Mind' singer - who is rumoured to be engaged to DJ Swizz Beatz - says she's been lucky with the relationships she's had and has always gone for strong and confident men.

She said: "I've never dated a ton of people, I've always been a one-guy kind of girl, but I have to say that I've always been lucky with love, blessed with it. Overall I haven't had any terrible relationships - apart from a couple of little stupid ones when I was younger, but at that age you kinda can't help it.

"But I've always had really great guys in my life, you know? They've been very stable men as well. I need a guy who is strong-minded, not intimidated by me - I don't like those kind of guys."

Alicia also revealed her joy at reconciling with her father, after being estranged for several years, and is now forming a relationship with her half-brother.

She told You magazine: "He is 18 and the sweetest, handsomest person on earth. I never felt like I was lacking anything when my father wasn't there during my childhood - thanks to my mother and grandmother, I felt I had everything. And I think my reconciliation with my father has just been a matter of growing up. There was never any malice on any side and I understand life better now, that nothing is cut-and-dried."

Alicia Keys

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