Five reasons to go and see Four Tet

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  • 5 March 2010
Five reasons to go and see Four Tet

Pantha Du Prince - Stick To My Side (Fourtet version)

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1: He knows a good collaboration when he sees one
Whether performing with improvisational jazz drummer Steve Reid, collaborating with dubstep wonderboy Burial, making B-sides for Radiohead or remixing Nathan Fake, Boom Bip or Matthew Dear, Hebden’s appeal is often down to the sum of multiple, very well chosen parts.

2: He wants you to dance
You like bleeps, buttons and dancing, and this man, prolific London musician / producer Kieran Hebden, wants to help you out. He’ll bring the kaleidoscopic, hypnotic electro-folk-jazz soup, if you bring the nodding head or dancing feet.

3: He’ll probably play lots of stuff off his new album
To the disappoint of some, his latest LP, There is Love In You moves away from his complex, experimental arrangements towards a housier, more solid and melodic noise. But the creativity is still there, will angelic vocals, abstract beats and danceable moments layered up like a musical lasagne.

4: He’s got good special guests
German minimal techno delight Pantha du Prince is supporting, along with Rocketnumbernine. PdP’s recent Black Noise LP was a purring, rolling blend of bells and throbbing melodies. Expect good things.

5: He makes a better door than a window
You’ll get far more from watching him perform his electronic wizardry onstage than you will from standing behind him at a gig. Hebden’s trademark voluminous hair, as witnessed by a List reviewer standing behind him at a 2009 festival, will eclipse most things in your direct, and possibly peripheral, vision.

Bongo Club, Edinburgh, Sat 13 Mar.

Four Tet

The incredibly prolific Kieran Hebden in his minimal, yet melodic electronica guise.

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