5 US comics you might not have heard of at The Glasgow Comedy Festival

Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch
This Tony Award-nominated actor can hold a tune and make people laugh at the same time. Hence, his latest job in musical comedy. Though he views himself more as a musician than a comic, he was never set to go far wrong after penning his first humorous tune at the age of 15, a country ballad called ‘Beefy Burrito’.
O2 Academy, Glasgow, Fri 12 Mar.

Marc Maron
Good pals with Jeanane Garofalo, Maron is a central figure of the US alternative stand-up scene, and has notched up more appearance on Conan O’Brien’s chat show than any other comic. Expect to hear some harsh words of truth and wisdom about his ex-wife in this show.
The Universal, Glasgow, Sat 13 Mar.

Todd Barry
While you may have seen Barry in The Wrestler and Flight of the Conchords, his reputation across the pond has been well served by the most laidback of comedic demeanours. Putting the dead into deadpan, his uber-relaxed manner won’t be for everyone, but if you get it straight away, you’re in for a blast.
Blackfriars, Glasgow, Sat 13 Mar.

Bill Burr
Hot on the heels of Louis CK comes another Boston-bred comic with a powerful reputation trying to make his mark via a brief sojourn to the UK. Don’t expect highly informed comedy here as Burr insists that he always goes with his first thought, what with reading making him so sleepy and all.
Kings Theatre, Glasgow, Sat 20 Mar.

Jerry Sadowitz
Eh, what? OK, there’s slight mischief-making going on here, but if we can stake a claim on David Byrne as one of our own for spending his first two years of life in Dumbarton, then we should be able to give up this New Jersey-born comic to the dark Stateside. More angry than Bill Hicks, politically dodgier than Andrew Dice Clay and with better magic tricks than David Copperfield, he certainly fits the persona of the angry American.
Kings Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 26 Mar.

Todd Barry

You may know him as the bongo-player from 'Flight of the Conchords', but Barry is primarily a respected stand-up in his native America. 'Part of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival'.

Marc Maron

Being left by his wife gave rise to Maron's show 'Scorching the Earth'. Nothing like a bit of heartache to make a person funnier. 'Part of Magners Glasgow International Comedy Festival'.


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