Dialogues Festival and Braw Gigs

Dialogues Festival - Braw Gigs

Edinburgh’s experimental music scene has thrived over the last ten years, thanks to several low-level organisations who have kept the faith, from Dialogues’ annual festival of electronic sounds to Cowgate-based music and film festival organisers Arika, or DIY promoters such as Braw Gigs, who’ve recently broken cover.

Dialogues, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, has consistently reinvented itself in a variety of venues over weekend-long one-offs. Rather than throw all their sine-waves into one circuit-board however, this year has seen it host a season of ten events spaced out over twelve months. Event number six [this fortnight] features French electro-acoustic composer Jerome Noetinger, an occasional collaborator of Keith Rowe – one-time guitarist with the British free-improv outfit AMM as well as former Cocteau Twin Will Heggie.

Future Dialogues events, which all take place at Crichton Street’s digital arts venue Inspace, will include an appearance from former Henry Cow guitarist and some time collaborator of Brian Eno and Bill Laswell, Fred Frith. (See www.dialogues-festival.org for listings, or go to dialoguesinspace06.eventbrite.com, or inspace.mediascot.org)

Braw Gigs, meanwhile, recently scored a hit with a packed-out show by self-taught acoustic guitarist James Blackshaw, and follow up with something more primal from Heatsick, the scarifying solo project from Steven Warwick, the Berlin-based half of noise duo Birds of Delay. Warwick cites both the experimental sampling principals of musique concrète and Chicago house mixtapes as influences on his improvised constructions of looped yelps, drums and Casio vile tones that riff insistently ad nauseum. Braw Dialogues, indeed.

Jerome Noetinger, part of Dialogues Festival, Inspace, Informatics Building, Edinburgh, Sat 6 Mar.

Heatsick, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Windsordamonbeast, Lamplighter, Braw Gigs, The Roxy, Edinburgh, Sat 5 Mar.

Heatsick, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji and Winsordamonbeast

Experimental synth drone from Berlin's Heatsick.

Jerome Noetinger

Two solo sets of extraordinarily powerful and distinctive live electronics. 'Part of the Dialogues Festival'.


1. Alex Fiennes7 Mar 2010, 5:05pm Report

In the spirit of consistent re-invention we felt that putting on 10 gigs in the same venue was just too predictable so we are now branching out yet again to present the Outlying sequence of concerts with our first concert in The Voodoo Rooms.

April 12th sees the welcome return of Humcrush and the first Scottish concert from Leverton Fox, ably assisted by Michalakos/Mital/Zhang and Keith Tait.

More details and downloadable audio from previous concerts are available from: http://www.dialogues-festival.org/2010-outlying/Humcrush and the obligatory facebook event is at http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=378021843326

More events to follow...

Alex Fiennes, on behalf of Dialogues Festival

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