Four To Buy: Scottish T-Shirts

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  • 4 March 2010
Four To Buy: Scottish T-Shirts

Gillian Kyle
Who would have thought that a loaf of Scottish Pride would be a fashion statement? You could opt for one of her lovely Tunnocks teacake tote bags, but in terms of impact, it has to be the bread every time.
>£22 from

Lizzy Stewart
This wonderful ECA graduate has become the darling of illustration blogs recently, wrapping her pencils around many dainty designs. Bears are evidently her thing. Available (along with many other great tees) through Oddities Clothing.
£32 from

Timorous Beasties
Design powerhouse Timorous Beasties was created in Glasgow in 1990 by two former GSA students. More famous for their surreal wallpapers and textiles, this one-off T-shirt is a collaboration with Nike that proves their versatility.

Fortune Favours
Thomas Wilson’s Fortune Favours The Brave brand delivers a sharper take on the classic impress your mates pub tee. Alongside this belter his Glasgow Sports T-shirt (Glasgow sports are drinking, smoking and kebabing apparently) is another favourite.
£20 from

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