Why the return of corsets marks the return of the significant figure

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  • 4 March 2010
Why the return of corsets marks the return of the significant figure

Forget Dita von Teese, Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks has brought curves back with a vengeance

Anyone who saw Christina Hendricks sizzle off the page, bosom heaving, on the cover of New Yorker magazine recently, should not be surprised to hear that corsets are back in vogue. Once firmly ensconced in the realms of burlesque fashion, they are finally out of the closet and onto the high street, and two young entrepreneurs are cashing in. With a base already in Glasgow, Seona Earle-Misumi and Elizabeth Cummings have just opened the doors of Beautifully Boudoir in the capital.

‘Shows like How To Feel Good Naked have really helped women to embrace how they look,’ says Earle-Misumi. ‘We’re simply responding to that.’ Set in an art deco styled boutique, their enterprise is all about making women feel good about themselves, and their corset consultations do just that. ‘They’re miraculous really,’ laughs Earle-Misumi. ‘They can reduce your waist by up to four inches and at the end of the day they are no more uncomfortable than a pair of high heels.’

Specialising in design pieces from Spain, as well as pieces handmade in the UK, the pair are keen to strip back any preconceptions about who a corset is suited too.

‘It’s not about being about a certain shape, size, age or type. I had a woman in just last week, who wanted to get her hourglass back but didn’t want to go somewhere where her only option was a black leather corset.’

She continues: ‘We wanted to create a space for everyone to enjoy themselves: whether they are looking for something very plain or a more red carpet type piece,’ explains Earle-Misumi.

Customers are invited to drop by for a look or book a ‘corset consultation’ – a session of expert fitting advice, complete with chocolates and bubbly.

‘The female form should be celebrated; that’s all we’re trying to do.’

Beautifully Boudoir, 30 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, www.beautifullyboudoir.co.uk Corsets start from £65.

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