Lindsay Lohan ready for boyfriends

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  • 23 February 2010
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan ready for boyfriends

Lindsay Lohan has said she will go back to romancing men if she can't win DJ Samantha Ronson - with whom she had an 18-month relationship - back

Lindsay Lohan will go back to romancing men if she can't win Samantha Ronson back.

The 'Mean Girls' actress admitted she was "surprised" when she embarked on a relationship with the DJ - which lasted 18 months - as she had never been attracted to women before.

Lindsay said: "I never really thought about women before, it kind of just happened with Samantha. It surprised me. We're still in touch.

"If I wasn't with Samantha, I would probably be with a boy next. She's the only woman I've been attracted to."

Lindsay also blames Samantha's friends for wrecking their relationship, claiming they were jealous of the DJ's new-found celebrity status.

She added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: "I think Samantha was growing as a celebrity and a musician and I think that might have scared her family. But I've always been her biggest supporter, and yeah, I love her.

"All the fighting and stuff was just because her friends had got involved and made me an outcast. I think it was a jealousy thing in terms of her becoming more famous than the rest of them."

Meanwhile, Lindsay's father Michael Lohan has hit back at her claims yesterday (22.02.10) that her drug abuse escalated after he started giving interviews about her in 2007.

In a statement, Michael said he didn't feel his daughter was over her drug problems.

He told website Hollyscoop: "I find her admissions of her experiences with alcohol and cocaine, to be noble, the real problem still exists with the prescription drug use that the so-called 'addiction specialist', therapist and doctors who are prescribing medication to Lindsay and other people.

"The problem for Lindsay and so many others is prescription drug use. It has taken lives, destroyed families and it will continue to do so until the government steps in and begins to put harsher restrictions on the writing of prescriptions."

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