Shy Child - Liquid Love (3 stars)

Shy Child - Liquid Love

(Wall of Sound)

The Top Shop techno revival is well underway, it seems. See also Delphic and early forerunner Sam Sparro for further exhibits of the kind of catchy, contemporary and utterly high street shopping friendly electronica offered by Brooklynite duo Pete Cafarella and Nate Smith.

It might be unashamedly commercial but it’s not bad, featuring a glossy layer of metropolitan house overlaid with Cafarella’s androgyne falsetto. There are some nice moments, notably ‘ESP’, the strutting disco anthem beats on ‘Open Up the Sky’, and the epic end-of-the-night scope on ‘Dark Destiny’, while calling a track ‘The Beatles’ is winningly bold. More likely the new Hercules & Love Affair than this year’s Scissor Sisters, though.

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