Exposure: Dag för Dag

Exposure: Dag för Dag

They’re based in Stockholm, Sweden, but American brother and sister duo Sarah and Jacob Snavely (and their magnificently-named live drummer Chuck Bukowski) have no Swedish heritage. It shows: Dag för Dag’s (it means ‘day by day’) shouty, sky-scraping pop-punk debut album Boo isn’t what you’d expect from that part of the world.

Sarah tell us – why Sweden?
I’d been living in London for seven years, while Jake was in San Francisco. He came to visit me and said, this isn’t a good place for you. I’d been struggling, there was too much of the rat race going on, so we moved to Stockholm together. Our parents got divorced when we were young and we’ve lived all over, so going really wasn’t a problem.

How does your music fit in there?
It doesn’t. Sweden is known so much for very twee pop, girls at pianos and guys bouncing their heads to pretty guitar stuff. It kinda bores us. But that endears it to me even more – it’s a nice, kind, simple place to live, where they like sweet music (laughs).

What does the future hold for you?
I’m going to be having a baby in April, so I think when we play our last show in March I’ll be about eight months and one week gone. Through April and May I’ll be doing the whole mom thing, then we’ll be trying to write some more, get some festivals and I guess tour again in the fall.

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Wed 10 Mar.

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