Frightened Rabbit, Three Blind Wolves, Dupec (4 stars)

Frightened Rabbit, Three Blind Wolves, Dupec

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Wed 17 Feb 2010

Tonight’s openers Dupec arrive late and a little flustered. Their angular indie-rock shows plenty of potential, but tonight’s set is too rough around the edges to really shine.

Up next are Glasgow’s Three Blind Wolves – indie troubadour Ross Clark’s renamed band, following up his last indie outfit The Scarfs Go Missing – and very impressive they are too. Coming on like a countrified Modest Mouse, they waste no time in getting the crowd interested. With excellent use of four-way harmonies and Ross Clark’s own strong vocal, they have a hint of bluegrass about them, while not shying away from a more bombastic sound elsewhere. Boasting well constructed tunes with dynamic hooks and transitions that are clever without being smug, this is very definitely a band to keep an eye on.

Headliners Frightened Rabbit are a man down as Andy Monaghan is in Glasgow this evening on other business. Consequently, tonight’s performance is slightly ramshackle – but charmingly so – with the setlist made up as we go along and the crowd enlisted to fill in on some of Andy’s vocal parts. This intimate show offers plenty of evidence why this outfit deserve their continued success.