Harrison Ford only acts for the money

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 February 2010
Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford only acts for the money

Harrison Ford only acts because the money is good and claims studios don't respect poorly-paid actors

Harrison Ford is only an actor because of the money.

The 'Indiana Jones' star, who is one of the wealthiest men in Hollywood, claims money is his only incentive to keep going.

He said: "I'm in it for the money. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. This is my job.

"Acting is my craft. I've spent my whole life working on it and I want to get paid well to do it, because otherwise I'm being irresponsible, not valuing what I do for a living.

"When I came into this business I didn't even know the names of the movie studios - I was under a contract to a studio for $150 a week. One thing I learned is that the studios had no respect for a person who was willing to work for them for that amount."

However Harrison, who lives with actress Calista Flockhart, admits there is an unwelcome side to his job - the fame.

He told Live: "There's nothing good about being famous. You always think, 'If I'm successful then I'll have opportunities'.

"You never figure the cost of fame will be a total loss of privacy. That's incalculable. What a burden that is for anybody. It was unanticipated and I've never enjoyed it."

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