Kim Cattrall not like Samantha

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  • 19 February 2010
Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall not like Samantha

Kim Cattrall doesn't relate to her 'Sex and the City' character Samantha Jones, and admits she is very different to the sex-mad PR woman

Kim Cattrall isn't anything like her 'Sex and the City' character.

The 53-year-old actress plays maneater Samantha Jones in the TV series and films and admits people often assume she shares the same characteristics as her on screen persona.

She said: "People used to ask me to come and speak to women about sex issues and relationships and women running businesses.

"That's not what I do - I am none of those things. It's a character!

"I got an award and joked, 'This is what I got for sleeping with so many men.' People believed that, even though it was a joke."

Kim - who is currently starring in stage comedy 'Private Lives' - admits she sometimes struggles to connect with her sex-mad character.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: "I don't think it's me. There's a clear separation. I can't relate to it in the way other people do."

Kim also revealed she was responsible for the first 'Sex and the City' movie being delayed because she was unhappy with the money offered to her compared to her co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

She said: "I thought we should all be well paid. The money we were offered for the film wasn't acceptable and I felt we should all make lots more, not just one of us."

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