Sandra Bullock finds lost dog

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  • 18 February 2010
Sandra Bullock's dog Cinnabun

Sandra Bullock's dog Cinnabun

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are delighted after their lost dog Cinnabun was found, three weeks after she went missing

Sandra Bullock and her husband have been reunited with their lost dog.

The 'Blind Side' actress and Jesse James are delighted after they received a call to say someone had their beloved pooch Cinnabun, who went missing three weeks ago.

Jesse tweeted: "Some lady just called n said she has Cinnabun, Didnt no she was missing. Said she will bring her in 20 min. This better be real... (sic)"

An hour later he added "Woooooo Hooooo!!!! It's Her!!!

"So happy! Thnx Everyone for all the help She looks like she hz had quite the Adventure! (sic)"

Jesse and Sandra were initially cautious when they were informed the dog had been found by a woman called Rosaura because they had experienced several false alarms in their attempts to track down their pet.

Jesse explained: "We got a call from a girl by the name of Rosaura in Los Angeles saying she had Cinny. We were cautiously optimistic. She said she'd bring Cinnabun to us, and everyone at the shop was really anxious for her to get here to see if it was, in fact, Cinny."

The 'Motorcycle Mania' host has revealed Cinnabun is "in good shape", but insists the couple are taking no chances on her going missing again.

He wrote on his blog: "Maybe a few pounds thinner than when she left. We're taking her to the vet to get her all checked out and chipped, and GPS'd, and live-tracked by Google Earth… the works. We don't want to lose this little girl again!"

As well as Sandra and Jesse, the couple's other dog, Mr. T, was delighted to have his friend back.

Jesse added: "A big thanks to Rosaura in Los Angeles who found her and brought her back. West Coast thanks to you all, and a special thanks from Mr. T who is happy to have his little buddy back. Let the barking, wrestling and bone chasing begin!"

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