Exchange Youth Theatre Festival

Macrobert, Stirling, Wed 4-Sat 7 Jul


It is perhaps the mark of a certain sickness in our society that we pay our policemen more than our teachers, for the priority given to education is certainly the barometer of a culture’s health. So it tells us something about the NTS that it has made great strides in its education program from its inception.

This year the Youth Theatre Festival at Stirling promises to be one of the widest ranging events of its kind for some years. With over 100 schools participating, as well as other youth organisations, the four days of the festival will be divided across various themes. On Wednesday and Thursday, three shows by companies from Ayrshire, Dundee and Balwearie incorporating childrens’ experience of war will be staged. This topicality is offset by the more eternal theme of change and metamorphosis in a piece by Cumbernauld Youth Theatre entitled Butterfly, which speaks of alterations, either in circumstances or in our bodies, which might mean something to the youths participating or in the audience. With three more shows along similar lines, and the participation of such professional companies as Visible Fictions, this looks like quality youth work.

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