Raconteurs, The

The Raconteurs

5 reasons to go see

You get one famous dude That’s right, because the American supergroup features none other than the famous daft clowning buffoon and outrageous singer and guitarist Jack Black . . . oh, hang on a minute . . . sorry, what? . . . oh yeah, our mistake. It’s Jack White from some band called The White Stripes. Actually, that initial description still mostly fits.

And you get another quality indie singer songwriter Brendan Benson has long lived in the shadow of his more famous mate White, which is a pity, because his solo stuff has included some of the most moving lo-fi indie songsmithery in years. Needless to say, he’s still getting overshadowed, but at least he’s getting a slice of the pie, eh?

And you get two other geeky looking blokes Members of The Greenhornes, apparently. Don’t ask us. They only play bass and drums anyway. Who really cares?

You’ll get kilts When the band last played Glasgow, Jack White turned up not only in a kilt, but in full Highland regalia. How he got that sgian dubh through security at the airport, we’ll never know.

And you’ll get some great hoary old blues, including that rip-off tune The band’s debut single ‘Steady As She Goes’ was a dead ringer for Joe Jackson’s ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him?’. That aside, they do a great line in bluesy old bloke rock, thundering rhythms and big solos and everything. Rock on.

Carling Academy, Glasgow, Sat 14 Oct.

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