Leonardo DiCaprio's smoking struggle

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 February 2010
Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio's smoking struggle

Leonardo DiCaprio can't use nicotine patches to help give up smoking as they give him nightmares

Leonardo DiCaprio's attempts to give up smoking gave him nightmares.

The 'Shutter Island' actor has been trying to kick the deadly habit but had to stop using nicotine patches - adhesive pads which emit low dosages of nicotine, which is found in cigarettes - after they caused him extreme sleeping problems.

He explained: "When I take nicotine patches I have blood curdling nightmares of murder. Mass murders.

"I wake up in the middle of the night and have to take them off. I don't really remember my dreams that much apart from then. I don't know what that means about me from a psychological point of view but that's the truth."

While Leonardo is trying to suppress his urge to have a cigarette when he wants to relax, the actor recently admitted he uses drinking with friends as "cheap therapy" in order to switch off from his complex movie roles.

He said: "I go out and have a drink every once in a while. I take what I do very seriously, and when I'm on the set that's all I focus on, so my vice is to hang out with my friends and talk about absolutely nothing of importance whatsoever and act like a complete idiot because I've got to filter out a lot of the serious stuff I'm dealing with all the time.

"It's like therapy to be a complete idiot with my friends, and it's just fantastic."

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