Girls set for Glasgow live date

Girls set for Glasgow live date

Bleary-eyed San Fran duo, Girls, follow up last October’s Scottish dates with another gig, as part of a frankly stomach-churning US/European tour. The pair, comprising of Chet ‘JR’ White and Christopher Owens, released their debut – simply titled, Album – last September to heavy critical acclaim, earning them a place on multiple end-of-year ‘best of’ shortlists with their entrancing mix of 50s/60s inspired guitar pop and hazy experimentation – a sound that has seen them compared to everyone from the Beach Boys and Buddy Holly to Elvis Costello.

The glorious clutter the two create is perhaps a reflection of their rather unusual origins. Owens in particular, the world-weary voice of the band, was born into the confines of the infamous religious sect Children Of God, which banned all outside music, endorsed prostitution and presented him with numerous personal/family problems. He eventually escaped to Texas as a teenager, only to find himself out on the streets. Soon after, Owens was almost miraculously taken under the wing of a millionaire benefactor and moved to San Francisco, where he and White forged what would was to become an invaluable, though somewhat improbable, creative partnership.

The band have since enlisted the help of various pairs of capable hands to help them with their live efforts and when quizzed by The List as to what exactly we can expect from their upcoming show, Owens was pretty concise. ‘Expect two guitars, drums, a bass, and hopefully a keyboard, if we get lucky. And if you get lucky, you can expect a good time.’

Stereo, Glasgow, 27 Feb


San Francisco-based indie rock duo, whose frontman Christopher Owens grew up in the Children of God cult – the one former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Jeremy Spencer disappeared to join.

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