Hidden Door (2 stars)

Hidden Door

The Pineapple Chunks

The Roxy Art House, Sat 30-Sun 31 Jan 2010

An all-you-can-eat weekend-long festival of multi-disciplinary art designed to get Edinburgh’s cells of creative activity talking to each other. It was an admirable ethos, and certainly experiencing the unmistakeable I-am-at-a-festival sensation in January whilst being warm and inside is a great thing.

In practical terms though, as a punter, the laws of physics restrict your intake of the 40 artists, 30 bands, 10 poets and 10 filmmakers on the bill to something more like three bands, a quick squint round the labyrinthine art and a bit of a poet on the way to the bar (which ran out of beer and wine) during any of the the four £10 six-hour sessions. And, given that most of these are Edinburgh bands you can see three of at Limbo weekly for £4, a tenner door tax starts to look quite steep. Also, whereas events such as KYTN, Bloc or Celtic Connections present art with some shared quality, the only thing uniting what’s on show here it that it is ‘local’. And who wants to restrict their cultural intake to the strictly local?

However, making up for the Sigur Ros-lite of North Atlantic Oscillation, or the Cinematic Orchestra-lite of The Jo Acheson Quartet on the Sunday night, The Pineapple Chunks were absolutely brilliant.

The Roxy Art House, Sat 30-Sun 31 Jan


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