Jeans Team (4 stars)

Jeans Team

Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 4 Feb 2010

Berlin duo Jeans Team have been doing the thing they do better than most and for longer too, both predating and outliving the electroclash scene during which they came to prominence, after originally emerging from Berlin’s art and music scene a decade ago.

Their trademark use of simple, dry, vocal phrases in their native German over expertly constructed and infective electronic tracks makes their live show occupy a rare and fantastic hinterland somewhere between live gig, performance art and all-night dancing party. No strangers to Scotland, having done shows for Glasgow’s Optimo and Dolly Mixture recently, they foster devoted fans of their unconventional approach, and tracks such as ‘Baby 3+1+2’ and ‘Keine Melodien’ are, as ever, uberfantastic.

Appearing as part German Night – an evening of German culture put together by Scottish music industry scene-energiser Born To Be Wide, and including an earlier seminar aimed to act as a catalyst for Scottish bands to tour and release records in Germany – Jeans Team's set is preceeded by a brilliant DJ set from the German Consul. It really was that type of evening.

Born To Be Wide

Music industry seminar/social club that aims to bring musos, journalists, promoters, record shop workers and musicians together.

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