Lazy Jeff Bridges

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 15 February 2010
Jeff Bridges

Lazy Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges admits he is a ''pretty lazy guy'' and that he spends his time avoiding work

Jeff Bridges admits he is a "pretty lazy guy".

The Oscar nominated actor - who is tipped to win Best Actor at this year's awards for his role as a country singer Bad Blake in 'Crazy Heart' - said although he enjoys his work he is always "avoiding" it.

He said: "I spend most of my time avoiding work. Honestly, I'm a pretty lazy guy. It's a lot easier for me to turn down a role than take it.

"I know the effort it takes once you engage and commit."

Jeff, 60, also said there is an upside to having been nominated for an Oscar five times previously but never winning - you don't have to give a speech.

He added: "I'd rather come in not having high expectations. There's a certain weight and pressure with awards and fame in general that you have to work with. But there's a downside to winning, too.

"I've been nominated for Oscars five times, and you would think that being an actor for as long as I've been, I could get up in front of people and give a speech - but no, I'm just as nervous as anyone.

"So it's kind of a relief not to win, although I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be wonderful to get the Oscar."

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