Records - Sonic Youth (5 stars)


Daydream Nation (Geffen)


Plaudits land at the feet of anyone who’s managed to straighten out long enough to make it to the pressing plant these days. It’s not difficult to make music and the internet age has meant it’s even easier to get it out there, but it is hard to make good music. Sonic Youth have been on their own wayward path through rock for almost three decades and right in the middle of those decades they made an album that wasn’t just great, it was breathtaking. Ambitious in scope - a double album at a time when double albums were unfashionable - aurally adventurous, which is saying something from the band who put the ‘arde in avant garde, 19 years on, Daydream Nation still sounds fresh, righteous and explosive. A second disc here, of the album played live, adds to the value, but the orginal is the real attraction. The only odd thing is that, given just how influential the album has become, how few bands have subsequently risen to the challenge and bettered it.

(Mark Robertson)

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