Padded Cell set for date at Glasgow's Kitty Kat Klub

Padded Cell set for date at Glasgow's Kitty Kat Klub

Richard Sen is being a bit modest when he describes the music he makes alongside partner Neil Higgins in Padded Cell as ‘just dance music, really.’ Asked to elaborate a little further, he’ll concede that the duo are often lumped in with the nu-disco movement, but that he isn’t a great fan of being classified. ‘The minute you become part of a scene, that means you’re only popular as long as it is,’ he points out.

At the very least, this outfit deserve the courtesy of being described as one of a kind. Sen and Higgins first met around fifteen years ago, when they worked together in a branch of London’s Record & Tape Exchange. They would go on to record individually – Sen as one of the Bronx Dogs on Heavenly, Higgins as one of Wall of Sound’s Dirty Beatniks – but remained in touch, and finally came to record together in the early ‘00s.

Their 2008 debut album Night Must Fall featured vocal contributions from Battant’s Chloe Raunet and Liquid Liquid’s Dennis Young, among others. More than that, it introduced Padded Cell as a group in love with the quality end of ‘80s electro, rather than its superficially populist side: Goblin, Arthur Russell and Carl Craig are all worthy influences. A new single will be finished soon, and a remix of Brian Ferry’s new single ‘You Can Dance’ is forthcoming. Beyond that, they just don’t want to be pinned down. ‘(Britain) is so fickle,’ says Sen. ‘You can be in one year and out the next. That’s why we look to Europe for our inspiration now.’

Kitty Kat Klub at Universal, Glasgow, Sat 27 Feb.

Kitty Kat Klub

Guest-starring DFA's Shit Robot, backed by supports Bosco and Craig Moogroove.

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