Michael Jackson spooks Presley

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  • 10 February 2010
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson spooks Presley

Late pop star Michael Jackson has contacted his ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley from beyond the grave and has apologised to her for treating her badly

Michael Jackson has apologised to Lisa Marie Presley from beyond the grave.

The spirit of the late 'Thriller' singer is believed to have made contact with his ex-wife and their friend Karen Faye - who used to work as the pop star's make-up artist - through a psychic last week, who told them Michael wanted their forgiveness.

Karen said: "He seemed to be on a mission to reach out to people in his life and be forgiven. Michael spent his time explaining his faults and wanting us to forgive him. He seemed unsettled.

"He seemed more jovial with Lisa. The psychic turned to me and said Michael is telling me, 'You took such good care of me, and I am so sorry I hurt you so much.'

"He said he should have listened to me more. It hit me straight in the heart."

Karen, 53, is convinced the clairvoyant was telling the truth because she had no idea they knew Michael before his passing and was able to give "deep insights" into his life.

She told The Sun newspaper: "There were definite, deep insights that would have been difficult to make up. It was detailed about the inner dynamics of his family and his levels of pain and emotional inability."

However, Michael apparently refused to discuss the charge of involuntary manslaughter made against his personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray in relation to his death last June from acute Propofol intoxication.

She explained: "He said he was detached from things."

Lisa Marie and Michael married in 1994 and split 18 months later.

Meanwhile, it has been announced Murray - who was charged on Monday (08.02.10) - will return to work while he waits for his next court appearance.

Murray's spokesperson Miranda Sevcik told website Radar Online: "Dr. Murray is still in Los Angeles. He is planning to leave to go back to work in a few days."

During Monday's hearing, Judge Keith Schwartz told Murray he was not allowed to possess, prescribe or administer the powerful sedative Propofol to anyone.

He is next due in court on April 5.

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