Records - Clinic (2 stars)


Funf (Domino)


Apparently, Clinic’s motto is ‘ignoring the tenets and trends of the music industry’. Admirable sentiments, but not really enough when your brand of stomping voodoo surf punk sounds as old as the hills, and feels just as mucky. This b-side compilation does them little favours, eking out perhaps one and a half ideas and stretching them way beyond their unappealing limits; particularly annoying are the chugging, non-festive ‘Christmas’ and the plodding, non-good ‘You Can’t Hurt You Anymore’ which sounds like a pubescent’s first guitar lesson going horribly wrong. This Liverpool bunch formed in the weeks prior to Blair’s ‘97 inauguration and have similarly blown the promise of those heady early days.

(Brian Donaldson)

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