A Broken Consort - Crow Autumn (4 stars)

A Broken Consort - Crow Autumn

(Tompkins Square)

Aural cartographer Richard Skelton has long transcribed and excavated his much-loved Lancashire landscape by way of contemporary classical music. His heady, elemental hymns are attributed to various guises – Carousell, Clouwbeck and A Broken Consort among them – and largely unveiled through Skelton’s own (wonderful) Sustain-Release Private Press.

The mesmerising Crow Autumn, however, is A Broken Consort’s second larger-scale re-release via Tompkins Square (the label home of London pianist and guitarist James Blackshaw), following last year’s spellbinding Box of Birch. Its bucolic dominion of dense acoustics, glinting percussion and evocative strings is exquisite, and sees Skelton stake his rightful claim as one of modern English music’s most treasured artists.

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