My Black Hole

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  • 17 February 2010
My Black Hole

The second in a series of production residencies at Washington Garcia is a collaborative work by Glasgow-based artists Erica Eyres and Michelle Hannah. The pair spent the winter working in the gallery to produce a new photographic series as well as a dark video performance entitled ‘EarthRise’, which apes the format of a psychic channel late-night talk show to comment on society’s obsession with alternative therapies and search for faith and meaning.

Washington Garcia, Arch 24 (Unit 13), Eastvale Place, Glasgow, Fri 12 Feb–Fri 12 Mar.

Erica Eyres and Michelle Hannah: My Black Hole

'My Black Hole' encompasses photography and a video work ('EarthRise') created in collaboration by the two artists while in residency at the Washington Garcia Gallery.

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