Records - Bjørn Torske (4 stars)


Feil Knapp (Smalltown Supersound)


There was a time you knew where you stood with a term like techno. Back in the halcyon days of jackhammer beats and painfully minimal backing it meant the true definition of machine music. Now with folks like Torske around it can mean anything, and does on this Kicking off with a beatless seething the aural equivalent of a Norse wind on the back of your neck. Then he tosses in a fruity dub rhythm peppered with ZX Spectrum sound effects followed by a spooky Drexyian electro bubbler. He continues on this way for another half dozen tracks, each one as unlike the next as you could wish, but somehow it all holds together, sharing an understated elegance and a fondness for wry, bittersweet melodies. Joyously unpredictable.

(Mark Robertson)

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