French Horn Rebellion, Maple Leaves and Conquering Animal Sound play Pinup Ladies' Night

French Horn Rebellion, Maple Leaves and Conquering Animal Sound play Pinup Ladies' Night

‘The main thing I noticed about our last Ladies’ Night is that it was packed out,’ says John D, one of the team of promoters who run Glasgow indie club Pinup Nights. ‘The sexes were pretty balanced, though, because I think lots of guys made a point of coming down when they realised there’d be lots of girls there.’

In the six years of Pinups’ existence, this is the third time D and co have put on a Ladies’ Night, with the last couple falling on Valentine’s weekend. Despite the slight shift in timing this year, he once again expects a good turnout for guest DJs Tracyanne Campbell and Carey Lander (Camera Obscura), Adele Bethel and Ailidh Lennon (Sons & Daughters), Manda Rin (Bis) and Emma Pollock. Also playing will be Marie du Santiago and Emmy-Kate Montrose from defunct Northern Britpoppers, and one-time Lauren Laverne vehicle, Kenickie, what D describes as a ‘hunky secret treat’ and live bands French Horn Rebellion (Kitsune), Maple Leaves and Conquering Animal Sound.

All this and a ‘Vintage Village’ bazaar and cheap entry for girls. D says that Pinups is currently more popular than it’s ever been, and notes that this might be partly down to attention-grabbing theme nights like this. ‘It’s hard work doing one every month,’ he says, ‘but good fun. Like, we joked about flooding the toilets at Festival Pinups last summer, and we’re looking forward to doing a Country & Western one later this year. We just have lots of silly ideas, really, and we enjoy putting them into practise.’

Flying Duck, Glasgow, Fri 26 Feb

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