Scottish Dance Theatre

Scottish Dance Theatre

As an experienced choreographer, Janet Smith has always had much to offer Scottish Dance Theatre (SDT). But as the company’s artistic director, she’s also got an eye for outside talent. Smith has brought a diverse range of people in to work with her dancers in previous years, and the company’s new double-bill is no exception.

Sitting alongside NQR, co-created by SDT’s Dance Agent for Change Caroline Bowditch, associate director Marc Brew and Smith herself, is The Life and Times of Girl A, by choreographer Ben Duke. Co-founder of London-based dance theatre company Lost Dog, Duke was commissioned by Smith to create a new piece for SDT, resulting in a humorous look at moments of emotional and financial crisis.

‘Ben’s world lies somewhere between theatre directing, filmmaking and dance,’ explains Smith. ‘So I was really interested in his perspective. We’re a small company, and each time a new choreographer comes in they connect with different dancers – so it offers them all different opportunities. And if I can excite the performers, and keep them developing, then they’re sure as hell going to share that with an audience.’

Dundee Rep, Wed 17–Sat 20 Feb then touring

Scottish Dance Theatre: New Season Premiere

Rep-based company Scottish Dance Theatre premieres two new pieces of work before taking them on tour around the UK and Europe later this year. 'The Life and Time of Girl A' tells the story of a girl trying to make a film and 'NQR' takes a playful look at ideas about normality.

Scottish Dance Theatre: Life and Times of Girl A and NQR

  • 4 stars

Ben Duke choreographs the witty and engaging 'Life and Times of Girl A', while Janet Smith, Caroline Bowditch and Marc Brew collaborate on the thought-provoking 'NQR', featuring disabled and able bodied dancers and a live cellist. Highly recommended. 'Part of DanceLive 2010.'

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