Tom Dale Company: Roam

Tom Dale Company: Roam

The universal need to explore new territory – whether you’re a lion prowling a desert plane or a teenager leaving home – was the starting point for choreographer Tom Dale’s new work, Roam.

‘I wanted to find a parallel between the human need to explore our potential and the way animals have to find food and shelter,’ he explains. ‘Everything needs to roam around and find what it’s looking for – whether that’s intellectual stimulation or basic essentials – it’s a phenomon of life.’

Dale was also inspired by the moments we look back on with fondness, even if we didn’t fully appreciate them at the time. ‘But that’s how it should be,’ he says. ‘Because if you notice them, then you aren’t fully emersed in the sensation, you’re not really living the moment.’

The company was last seen in Edinburgh at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe, with the darkly atmospheric Rise. Just as thoughtful, but slightly lighter in tone, Roam once again uses the urban electronic music of Jo Wills and Guy Wood, along with a new composition by dubstepper Sam Shackleton. And, like all of Dale’s work, Roam is delivered in a dance language impossible to label, with aspects of contemporary dance, breakdance, ballet and butoh all evident.

‘My work doesn’t fall into any one category,’ says Dale. ‘It’s really an instinctive use of the body, not any found style at all – although over time we’ve begun to find our own style.’

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Sat 20 Feb


Tom Dale choreographs five dancers to music by Shackleton and Sion and poetry by Rick Holland.

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