Records - Will Haven (4 stars)


The Hierophant (Bieler Bros)


After splitting up, re-forming, and then losing vocalist Grady Avenell, Will Haven’s continued existence has been in question of late. But with the arrival of long-time friend Jeff Jaworski, the California metal quartet has finally found a firm footing.

The Hierophant continues where 2001’s Carpe Diem left off. Hulking great metal grooves are the order and Jaworski does well to emulate his predecessor’s trademark vocal intensity. And, while the album boasts some serious ‘roid rage (particularly ‘Helena’ and ‘Handlebars . . .’), it’s not quite as ambitious in scope as what came before.

But that’s a minor quibble. While it may not be the masterpiece fans have waited five years for it’s still a welcome return.

(Andrew Borthwick)

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