Wall of Death: A Way of Life (5 stars)

Wall of Death: A Way of Life

The sound of revving engines is enough to awaken the sleeping serpent coiled at the bottom of your spine, but it is the performance that follows that will pump your adrenal glands to sheer jaw dropping exhilaration. The Ken Fox Troupe ride the Indian Motorcycle — with its low centre of gravity — perpendicular to the floor inside a drum-shaped wooden cylinder: the infamous Wall of Death.

Laughing at health and safety policies, these daredevils make split-second life and death decisions. No one wants to come close to death, but we all wonder what it is like to smell it, to brush against it. For these adrenaline junkies, the daily death-defying act becomes a way of life. Ken Fox was born into this lifestyle -- his grandfather rode the Wall and so did his father. Today he rides it with his sons and extended family, including Kerri Cameron, the last remaining girl rider in the world.

The bigger project was conceptualised by Glasgow artist Stephen Skrynka who had a teenage dream of speeding around the Wall of Death. Now training with the flying Foxes, it is his intention to do so.

A sexy, greasy, extreme carnival rush. Book your tickets now!

SECC, Glasgow, until Fri 12 Feb; Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, Mon 15–Wed 17 Feb; Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh, Sat 20–Sun 28 Feb

The Wall of Death: A Way of Life

Visual artist Stephen Skrynka joins the world-famous Ken Fox Troupe to learn to ride the motorcycle Wall of Death. The show comprises live action from the motorcycle team and the unveiling of Skrynka's installation looking at his emotional response to the act.

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