Aston Merrygold has bedtime bear

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 February 2010

Aston Merrygold has bedtime bear

JLS star Aston Merrygold still sleeps with a teddy bear and gets his mother to look after his favourite cuddly toys when he is out on the road

Aston Merrygold relies on his mother to look after his cuddly toys.

The JLS singer is terrified of losing his favourite possession, a replica Sonic the Hedgehog that he has had since childhood, he won't take it out on the road in case he leaves it in a hotel room.

The 'Beat Again' star said: "I still have the teddy from when I was little. It's a Sonic the Hedgehog, but I leave it at home with my mum so she can look after it for me.

"I've got about 20 teddies from our supporters too. They're all in the corner of my room in a nice pile. They look like they're all friends."

Although the 21-year-old pop star still sleeps with a cuddly toy, he admits his dreams are not always innocent.

He said: "The other night I dreamed I was back in Los Angeles. We made the video for 'Everybody In Love' there and I dreamed I was still on set. I was reliving all the moments with my video girl. She was beautiful."

When asked who he would like to replace his favourite stuffed toy in his bed with, Aston struggled to make up his mind as he has a crush on so many famous ladies.

He said: "I'd like to wake up next to Hayden Panettiere, from 'Heroes'. But I've seen loads of nice girls recently. Sophie from Dolly Rockers, and all of Girls Can't Catch - I tell them that they are cute!"

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