Records - Antimc (3 stars)


It’s Free But It’s Not Cheap (KFM)


As billed this solo outing from Radioinactive and Boom Bip associate Antimc is a freewheeling hodgepodge of avant-garde jazz sensibilities applied to punk, electro, experimental rock and hip hop. As such it can be angular, maddening and downright abrasive at times and boasts a similarly leftfield roll call of guest vocalists and MCs. It is among the atmospheric tail-enders that the more approachable productions lie, the inspired wonky hip hop of ‘The True Believer’ being bolstered by dreamy, billowing instrumentals. All in all it makes for a commendably high-risk debut that pulls no punches and rattles in at less than 40 minutes.

(Mark Edmundson)

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