Kissing king George Clooney

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  • 5 February 2010
George Clooney

Kissing king George Clooney

Vera Farmiga says her 'Up In The Air' co-star George Clooney is a fantastic kisser, but not better than her husband Renn Hawkey

George Clooney is a "great" kisser.

The Hollywood heartthrob stars in 'Up In The Air' with Vera Farmiga and the actress has joked her main motivation for accepting the role was the chance to get close to George as his on screen love interest.

She said: "Of course the role was great, the script had wonderful dialogues - but hey, I'm a girl and my main motivation to accept the role was the fact I got to dance with George Clooney!

"George is a great kisser. Very gentle, not aggressive - I have to stop now or else my husband will get mad. It's like being on a first date when you kiss George Clooney."

Although she loved working with George, Vera insists the 48-year-old actor was no match in the kissing department for her husband Renn Hawkey - with who she has a 12-month-old son, Fyn.

She added to website Skip: "My husband is the best kisser in the world anyway! He's just mind-blowing! George can't keep up with that. But of course he asked me how it was with George, and I lied."

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