Records - Pig Destroyer (4 stars)


Phantom Limb (Relapse)


Pig Destroyer have always had more to them than your average grinders, largely thanks to the lit-heavy lyrics of JR Hayes. So, while Phantom Limb plays like the illegitimate offspring of early Napalm Death, there’s a deeply unhinged quality to this that goes beyond just the sonic. This, after all, is a band who take inspiration from arch weirdos David Lynch and William Burroughs, and Hayes’ lyrics are, at times, a tad disturbing.

But if anything Phantom Limb is a more enjoyable listen than 2004’s unrelenting Terrifyer, as nods to thrash ensure a more accessible sound, though one hesitates to use the words enjoyable or accessible for anything this unsettling.

(Andrew Borthwick)

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