Mika couldn't cope with kidnapping

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  • 3 February 2010

Mika couldn't cope with kidnapping

Mika has opened up about his father being taken hostage when he was a child, and admits the terrible ordeal hade a huge impact on his family

Mika found it "disturbing" when his father was released by kidnappers.

The 26-year-old singer's dad was taken hostage in Kuwait in 1990 in connection with the Gulf War and when he was eventually freed eight months later it took Mika time to reconnect with his father because of the terrible ordeal.

The pop star - who has one younger brother and three sisters - said: "He had a big beard and was very skinny and gaunt and none of us wanted to hang out with him because he looked too different.

"He was almost a stranger. And we had resolved ourselves to the idea that he was in danger and might not come back so his homecoming was actually a very disturbing thing.

"It rocked everything. Shortly after, we lost everything, our apartment, our furniture, so that concept of complacency was never in my childhood whereas most kids don't understand that."

Mika believes the traumatic episode and its subsequent impact on his childhood is the reason he has held a life-long love of fairytales.

He explained to the Scotsman newspaper: "Maybe that's why I became obsessed with fairytales, because fairytales were about danger and fear. That's why I love them. They are there to instruct you about death and instruct you as a child about why you should feel safe and why you should feel lucky. They all deal with gore and impending danger, and I find that really fascinating."

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