Wrist-raker Roger Moore

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  • 3 February 2010
Roger Moore

Wrist-raker Roger Moore

Former James Bond star Sir Roger Moore accidentally broke his wife Kristina's wrist when he tried to stop her from falling over on some ice

Sir Roger Moore accidentally broke his wife's wrist.

The 82-year-old actor caused the painful injury to Kristina, 67, as he was trying to stop her from falling over during a trip to Switzerland.

Roger - who seemingly took the advice he was given on his wedding day too literally - explained: "The minister said you should always move every obstacle out of your partner's way and support each other.

Just recently me and Kristina were in Switzerland and she slipped on some ice. I grabbed and held her. Too firmly though - I broke her wrist. To support each other too much isn't always a good thing."

Former James Bond star Roger has been married four times and says he has finally learned the "two easy rules" that are key to a successful relationship.

He joked to German newspaper Frau im Spiegel: "Number one: Always say yes and amen to everything she says. Number two: Don't get caught if you don't really mean it."

Despite his advancing years, Roger insists he feels fit and healthy, although he admits to being overweight thanks to his love of cooking.

He said: "I love meals I can cook in a wok and traditional meals like roast turkey. My wife likes it. And even if she didn't, she wouldn't tell me, because that would mean she would have to cook."

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