Russell Brand wants nude nuptials

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 1 February 2010
Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Russell Brand wants nude nuptials

Russell Brand has joked he wants all the guests at his and Katy Perry's wedding to arrive naked, but admits the engaged pair are yet to start planning their big day

Russell Brand wants a "naked" wedding.

The British comic star and Katy Perry - who he got engaged to last month - are set to start planning their nuptials soon but revealed he is keen on having the unusual dress code.

He joked: "We are going to do the wedding naked! All the families will be naked!

"We're still deciding what to do. There's no juicy details yet."

The 34-year-old funnyman has been dreaming of his wedding, but his nocturnal visions of his big day have been growing increasingly bizarre.

He said: "All my dream weddings don't make sense. The vicar will start melting. The people in the front row will turn into people from my school. And then everyone will only say the word 'potato'."

Despite his night visions, Russell can't wait for Katy, 25, to become his wife.

He added to People magazine: "I'm getting married to a beautiful woman. I'm enjoying my work. What could be better? Nothing!"

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