Aereogramme (4 stars)

QMU, Glasgow, Sat 16 Jun


When Aereogramme released their aptly-titled third album My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go earlier this year, it was to a certain critical warmth and a gust of commercial tumbleweed. Now that they’ve knocked it on the head, however, everyone’s out to pay their respects - had the impressive turnout at this absolutely-most-definitely final headlining show been echoed around the country, they would never have even approached the financial struggles that caused them to pack it in.

It’s true that you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, however, and the world will be a less interesting place for Aereogramme’s demise. Or at least, it won’t be half as noisy - the Glaswegian quartet are possibly the only band ever to have forged the missing link between post-rock and metal. While the set’s early stages concentrated on the post-rock part of this equation, all epic, undulating soundtracks to some kind of heavenly wake, what the band jokingly referred to as their ‘greatest hits set’ - ‘Zionist Timing’, ‘Post Tour Pre-Judgement’ and ‘Shouting for Joey’ - left us with fire and fond memories in our hearts.

(David Pollock)

Queen Margaret Union

22 University Gardens, Glasgow, G12 8QN

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