Niki King pays tribute to Billie Holliday

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  • 1 February 2010
Niki King

Cool Edinburgh jazz vocalist Niki King continues her tribute to one of the true greats of jazz Billie Holliday. ‘The time of prejudice that she worked through, the hardship and awful situations endured growing up; all of this pain and vulnerability comes through in her songs’ explains King. ‘But it is also her personal strength, courage, kindness and, of course, talent that makes her such a unique voice. Billie Holiday will always be remembered through her music. This show is a celebration of that music and of Holiday as a songwriter.’

Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Sat 6 Feb.

Niki King - Wild Is The Wind

Niki King

The former Perrier Jazz Vocalist of the Year with four critically-acclaimed albums under her belt as she pays tribute to the Billie Holiday Songbook. 'Part of the Glasgow Jazz Festival'

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