Matthew Fox is no George Clooney

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  • 1 February 2010
Matthew Fox

Matthew Fox is no George Clooney

Matthew Fox thinks he's a ''rougher'' version of George Clooney, but doesn't buy into being called a sex symbol

Matthew Fox thinks he's a "rougher" George Clooney.

The 43-year-old actor - who plays doctor Jack Shephard in the cult US series 'Lost' - said he can't understand why so many women find him sexy or compare him to the Hollywood star George Clooney, because he doesn't think they're very alike.

He said: "I would love his career but I think I'm rougher around the edges. Even though I'm in one of the biggest series on the planet, I can move around undisturbed. I can fly under the radar.

"If a guy goes on television then there are women out there who will find them attractive. I don't buy into the sex symbol thing. It's a compliment but that's it. I'm not interested."

The heartthrob - who is married to former model Margherita Ronchi, with whom he has two children - said he was completely dedicated to his spouse.

He told the Mail on Sunday's Live magazine: "I'm a married man. I married a girl who worked to support me while I was trying to make it as an actor. She knows exactly who I am. We've been together more than 20 years, she's the mother of my kids and that's what it's about."

Matthew admitted he did have a wild side to his character however, and said he often held skinny-dipping parties just to get people to take off their clothes.

He said: "On the set of 'Lost' I instigated a few skinny-dipping parties but I can't say who came. It's important if you're having a party that you do something outrageous and I'm not afraid to lead by example. I like everyone to get their clothes off and jump in the water. It's a great way to get people excited."

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