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  • 3 July 2007


Tomorrow’s music today. This issue: Cajun Dance Party

It’s not Cajun or dance music, but their indie rock has given these five smiling north Londoners a rollercoaster 18 months. Aged 17 and still at school, they’ve supported Kings of Leon, Thom Yorke loves them and Bernard Butler is producing their next single. We chatted to lead singer Danny Blumberg before they went onstage to support The Cribs.

Do you get nervous before gigs?
More excited. Especially with a band like these guys. Performing is what I live for. I wish I could do it every day, every second.

You’re squeezing your debut national tour into the half-term holiday. Is it difficult still being at school?
We fit it in. I don’t really want to be at school anymore. We had to get a note to our teachers asking for a day off to play Glastonbury, which was weird. I wrote our first single - the first song I’d written in my life - in a French lesson. I still do lots of my writing in lessons. That’s my private, quiet time. I do the melody and lyrics then Robbie (guitarist) writes the music. That’s how Morrissey and Marr did it.

You wrote ‘The Next Untouchable’ when you were 15 and it was a huge success. Ever worry you’ll end up in rehab?
Not at all (laughs). Everyone around us realises we’re all about the music. There’s nothing else to it. Other bands do it to become fashion icons or to get free cocaine after gigs. You’re far more likely to find us up Primrose Hill with an acoustic guitar writing new songs.

(Claire Sawers)

Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Tue 10 Jul; King Tut’s, Glasgow, Wed 11 Jul.

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