'Big eater' Eva Longoria

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  • 30 January 2010
Eva Longoria

'Big eater' Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria-Parker - who owns her own Mexican restaurant Beso - claims she doesn't diet because she enjoys calorific treats too much

Eva Longoria-Parker doesn't diet.

The 'Desperate Housewives' star watches what she eats but does not stop herself from chomping on her favourite gut-busting Mexican dishes.

She said: "I am a big eater, but I do watch what I eat. I love to cook and just love Mexican food. It's my weakness and any red meat, I just love it.

"So I'd say Mexican food is my secret indulgence. I also love New York pizza and I just love Indian cuisine - the spicier the better."

The 34-year-old actress, who is married to her basketball player Tony Parker, owns Mexican eatery Beso in Hollywood and has another restaurant in Las Vegas.

Eva also revealed she doesn't do a lot of exercise to retain her sexy trim physique.

She added: "It's mostly weight training or kick boxing. I have this amazing high for adrenaline. It agrees with me. Your body is a vehicle and you have to take care of that vehicle."

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