Huma Dressage - Russell Kane interview

Russell Kane

Now we don’t want to suggest that high energy Essex-based comic Russell Kane might be accident prone, but there’s worrying evidence floating around to back up such a theory. In July of last year, just prior to Kane’s latest Fringe show, Human Dressage, he was reported as having collapsed with exhaustion, falling so hard that his head smashed a plate, in the process managing to lose some of his hair. Kane insists that he simply ‘stood up too quickly, had a head rush and missed my footing’. But last Christmas Day was something of a different matter when he leaned in to give a friend a festive kiss. ‘I didn’t notice that she was holding a little terrier and it jumped up and actually bit through my lip,’ Kane recalls with a small degree of anguish still in his voice. ‘Considering I’ve been doing some TV work and some of the acting I do requires precise labial control, I absolutely shat myself. I’ve kept photos of the injury because now it just looks like the tail end of a cold sore but it was horrific.’

By the time Kane embarks upon the Scottish leg of his current national tour, he will have been to Oz and back, doing a stint on the Christian O’Connell radio show, reporting on Andy Murray’s jaunt at the Australian Open and the Big Day Out music festival while also indulging in a bit of surfing and motor biking. Having taken the presenting duties on ITV2’s coverage of I’m a Celebrity … , it seems that there may be more than just a stand-up string to his creative bow.

‘A lot of comedians want to be the next big thing and I love every moment of it and if you told me I’d be doing all this in five years time, brilliant. However, if I could paint, you would not stop me trying to have an exhibition tomorrow. I’m just interested in seeing where the stand-up will lead; will it allow me to get that novel published with an editor who understands me? Will it allow me to get my plays big audiences and let me move into production and directing? I’m just curious about myself.’ Judging by the crowds who have flocked to see him perform his very personal, extremely erudite brand of stand-up, he’s clearly not the only one to be curious about Russell Kane.

Perth Theatre Café Bar, Mon 15 Feb; The Stand, Edinburgh, Sun 21 Feb; The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 22 Feb

Russell Kane: Human Dressage

  • 4 stars

Chirpy Russell Kane discusses the ins and outs of preening, posing and prancing, in a show which promises to be a relentless gallop through Comedyland.

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