Limmy and Rab, welcomed onto TV

Limmy and Rab, Welcomed onto TV...

Are we actually in the midst of a halcyon period for Scottish telly comedy? Or is it easy to get carried away when, to use the vernacular of their main figureheads, two current shows aren’t actually pish. Ringing in the new is Limmy’s Show (BBC2, Mon, 10pm) while chiming out ancient profanities of yore is Rab C Nesbitt (BBC2, Thu, 9.30pm) now stoatin’ about in his ninth series. Limmy is best viewed as poking around the margins of the Jam-period Chris Morris, with many of the sketches having a trippy, confrontational quality which separates this show from the bulk of the Beeb’s comedy output: though who hasn’t considered dabbling in Class A substances when faced with a brand new episode of Coming of Age?

While Limmy’s recurring characters are perfectly serviceable (the ex-junkie, the Raven-like phone-in host, the reprobate businessman), it’s the one-off sketches which have truly delivered the goods: the metal fans discovering an appreciation of a-ha; the door-holding ‘right, ta’ sequence; and the first Scotsman to encounter a Roman.

If people are still insisting that Limmy is an ‘internet sensation’, Rab C Nesbitt should probably just be labelled a ‘Govan headbanger’. Being clean(ish) and sober hasn’t blunted Rab’s spirit and Ian Pattison is continuing to pen his iconic loser with the same sharp wit and skewed wisdom which first brought his string-vested ways into our unwelcoming homes in the early 90s.

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