Hitherto Craft Workshops

Hitherto, Glasgow, Sundays


With every high street in every town selling the same thing, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd these days. Fortunately, Krista Blake is helping youngsters in Glasgow cut a dash this summer, with unique accessories made with their own fair hands. Aimed at ages 8-14, the Hitherto Craft Workshops offer expert instruction in knitting, sewing, embroidery, crochet, fabric painting and more.

‘It’s nice to get kids of that age thinking they can make something that’s a one-off,’ says Blake. ‘Because we’re saturated by stuff that’s all the same, and it’s hard to find things that make you stop and look.’ Hidden away behind the Tinderbox cafe in the McIntyre Hogg Building on Ingram Street, Hitherto opened in late 2006 and has built up a loyal following of artists and craftspeople. Having established a regular programme of classes and exhibitions for adults, Blake felt it was time to introduce the younger generation to the wonders of DIY accessories.

‘There isn’t a lot available for that age group,’ says Blake. ‘And most craft workshops are aimed at younger children. But we all agreed that this is an age where children can grasp more complicated ideas. And the interest they have in clothes is really starting to take a hold.’

Run by Glasgow School of Art graduates, Hideko Inoue from Japan and Ana Horne from Shetland, the workshops are open to anyone with an imagination - no experience necessary. Oh, and it’s not just for girls, either. ‘Boys have come to our knitting class,’ says Blake. ‘And Hideko created a fabric painting of her and Ana (pictured), so we’ll look at teaching the kids about Manga illustrations and applying it to fabric. They can also make cases for their iPods or mobile phones - and that kind of thing appeals to boys as well as girls.’

(Kelly Apter)


McIntyre Hogg Building through Tinderbox 14/1 Ingram Street, Glasgow, G1 1EJ

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